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Free Mortgage Calculator Free Financial Tools TransUnion

Details: Down payment: A down payment is the difference between a home’s purchase price and the amount of the mortgage against the property. The down payment must be …

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Mortgage Lending TransUnion

Details: TransUnion’s mortgage solutions help pinpoint customers expected to be in the market for a mortgage. Get a better understanding of the home buyers in your area!

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How to Apply for a Mortgage TransUnion

Details: Most major banks and lending institutions are set up so you can apply online with them as well. Before You Apply. You’ll want a good idea of where you stand before you approach mortgage lenders, so take a look at your credit reports and make sure all the information in them is accurate. You may want to avoid changing jobs right now because

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TransUnion: Mortgage Balances Begin to Rise; Delinquency

Details: The mortgage delinquency rate (the rate of borrowers 60 days or more delinquent on their mortgages) declined for the 12th straight quarter to 3.29% at the end of Q4 2014, according to TransUnion’s latest mortgage report. The mortgage delinquency rate declined more than 14% in the last year (down from 3.84% in Q4 2013). Average mortgage balanc

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What is a mortgage

Details: Your mortgage loan insurance premium is a percentage of the mortgage amount and is influenced by a number of factors such as whether you will occupy or rent the property, whether the loan is to purchase the property, for construction on the property, if you …

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